Clipper to snipper for short hair. Long hair welcome as well. 

Short Hair Precision Cut, 45 minutes - $50

Long Hair Precision Cut, 60 minutes - $70

Looking for a little less salt and a little more pepper? Or just a little oomf? Your beard too.

This service takes 90 minutes -

Price $80

For those feeling flat and looking to add dimension to their style. 

This service takes 2 hours - 

Pricing starts at $120

Where's your head? Let me help you get back on track. 

This service takes 15 minutes -

 Price is no charge

Blondes can have fun too. 

This service takes approximately 2 hours - 

Price starts at $160

For a fresh start or you like to keep it tight all night, a buzz cut is for you. 

This service takes 30 minutes - 

Price $20